Oahu, Hawaii – Byodo-in Temple

A Japanese Buddhist Temple in Oahu, Hawaii?. Yes.

But first… Lunch

We ate at Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, a fast food joint that originated in Oahu. The burgers were incredibly juicy and delicious. Rumor has it that a location exists in California; I’ll have to pursue this rumor one day (It’s actually around the Los Angeles area; a 600 mile trip from where we are).


Byodo-in Temple is a replica of a near 1000 year old Buddhist temple of the same name in Uji, Japan. This replica, however, is a non-practicing temple and all are welcome as long as you pay the admission fee (3 dollars per adult, a bargain if you ask me). Our admission was included as part of our GoOahu Card.

Come with us if you want to live.

The temple grounds are very scenic and picturesque. There weren’t many visitors when we went so we were able to take some great photos without the distractions. The temple is a privately owned property so I would recommend asking before bringing a tripod in here (we didn’t use one).

Byodo-in Style


A tourist managed to take a photo of us in focus. A miracle.


Bon-sho (Sacred Bell)

You may hear the sound of a large bell as you enter the temple grounds. That sound you’ll  hear is this; a three ton bell made of brass that was cast and imported from Osaka, Japan. It too is a replica of a bell from the original Byodo-in. It is customary to ring this bell before entering the temple but I don’t think anyone is going to stop you if you didn’t. I recommend doing so; it is a calming and fun experience.

The Temple

Although the temple looks as if it was built mostly of wood; it is actually mostly concrete. It has been featured in a couple of shows because of its beauty along with its surroundings. If you’ve watched the movie Pearl Harbor, you might have seen the temple make a cameo.

Oh, hi.

For less than the price of coffee per person, I would definitely recommend coming here. Although the weather was less than ideal when we went; we were still amazed at the beauty of the place. They say the best time to come is during sunrise so plan your trip here accordingly. We came during a cloudy afternoon where the sun came in and out of hiding (which explains the shifts in color and brightness in our photos).

Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck

Ok, so this isn’t a part of the temple but I had to mention it. We ate here on our way back to our place. The shrimp are locally grown and are about as fresh as can be. We got the spicy and garlic flavored shrimp.

One last stop

We decided to watch the sunset at Turtle Bay beach before heading back.



Watch our Byodo-in Temple Video below

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