Oahu, Hawaii – Kualoa Ranch: The Movie Site Tour

You might have already seen Kualoa Ranch from such shows as Hawaii Five-O and Lost. Or perhaps from blockbusters such as Jurassic Park, Jurassic World, Pearl Harbor. or 50 First Dates (Manet’s fave). There are many ways to spend your day here which include ATV tours, tours on horseback, and movie site tours. We decided to take the movie site tour this time around.


Our Ride

We rode in a WWII era bus, it rode about as well as a 75 year old vehicle would ride… which was bumpy. But it’s not like we did stunts in the thing  :). During WWII, Kualoa housed a US military airstrip and you’ll see remnants of that time, like this bus, during your time here.

Ready to go.
Horseback or… errrr, bus back. The choice is yours!
It’s a satchel.

The Movie Site Tour

If you’ve watched Jurassic Park or 50 First Dates or any of the movies that take place in a lush, green setting; then taking this tour may induce feelings of deja vu for you. Kualoa’s unique terrain and dream-like setting has been a Hollywood favorite for its backdrops for decades.

Here we see a real replica of a real statue.

This fallen log might look familiar to anyone who watched the highest grossing movie of 1993 (No, not Mrs. Doubtfire; Jurassic Park!). This is the very same log that Dr. Grant, Lex and little Tim hid behind during the Gallimimus stampede.

We thought we were safe…
when suddenly, T-Rex!!!

In case you didnt’ get the reference 🙂

Legends say, or IMDB, depending on who you ask; that Godzilla walked through this very valley years ago.
We were also taken into a WWII era bunker where they kept posters and miniatures of  movies that were filmed in Kualoa Ranch.
Seeing the sights on this tour, you’ll quickly realize why it’s a Hollywood favorite as a backdrop for some of it’s movies.
Kualoa Ranch is also home to quite a few animals like horses and cows. They also sell their ranch-grown beef here.

The Movie Site Tour: Worth It?

Beautiful, right?

I can definitely recommend this tour. We were able to relax and take in on the sights with an informative tour guide. Of course, if you wanted to be more adventurous, you can also opt to take the ATV and horseback tours which does have some overlapping routes so you’ll end up seeing some of the same sights. Our tour was booked as part of our Go Oahu Card which is a pretty good deal if you plan to do even half of the attractions included. Without it, the tour will cost $120.00 per person. So I would definitely look into getting a Go Oahu Card when planning your Oahu trip. And as a bonus, if you have a Costco membership, you can get it even cheaper (this is the option we went with).

We will definitely be back.

What we wore:

  • Again, too hot for anything long sleeve. Stick to light and breathable fabrics for maximum comfort.
  • Mark is wearing a polo and shorts from J. Crew Factory. Shoes are warm weather appropriate Sperry for J. Crew Top-Sider boat shoes.
  • Mark always loses or sits on his glasses; his sunglasses are these wayfarers by grinderPunch. Polarized sunglasses shamelessly knocked off the Ray Ban original wayfarers. Same good looks for a fraction of the price. He loves these.
  • Manet is wearing an airy and light dress by Chic Wish and shoes are the Jutti flats by TOMS.

4 thoughts on “Oahu, Hawaii – Kualoa Ranch: The Movie Site Tour

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  1. We took that tour as well, was so worth it! (Wrote about it in my “Hawaii” post).
    I could not believe how many movies were shot in Hawaii and were sold as “the story took place in Vietnam, Africa or the South Pacific”.

    I loved the picture of you sitting on the bus in your dress. Very cute.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. No we didn’t.
        Ah, Maui – nice. Do the volcano for sunset or sunrise, or both like we did.
        Take a look at my blog post about Hawaii, I wrote good tips for the volcano and took some stunning pictures. We are going to Kona later this year.

        Liked by 1 person

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